Shop & Field Technicians

Shop & Field Technicians

Emphasis on Safety & Qualifications

Startup Services

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Equipment Overhaul & Repair

Service Centers

Knighten's mechanical service engineers, technicians and partners are implementing technologies and practices at the forefront of plant performance optimization. 

Our service department implements multiple levels of solutions including Advanced Operation Analysis Programs (AOAPs) to basic field and shop service. AOAPs are necessary in all critical process systems. Typical audits are completed during shutdown/maintenance periods and then compiled into a detailed report outlining assets, energy performance, equipment reliability and design. Informed decisions can then be made for future maintenance programs or plant expansions.

Understanding the impact of energy, maintenance and downtime is important at the earliest design stages. The industry standard typically states the initial purchase price accounts for only 10% of pump ownership. Case studies are available through your local Knighten office or representative.
Installation & Start­-Up Assistance
Proper startup procedures provide little room for error. A well-trained service technician can often hear the issue before monitoring systems even register an anomaly. The experience Knighten's technicians bring to your operation in startup scenarios cannot be taught through school or literature. When equipment is turned over to an operator we take the time to provide training maintenance as well as identifying symptoms that lead to equipment failure.
Preventive Maintenance & Repair
Some of our services Include:
  • System diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Scheduled maintenance programs
  • Startup training and standby support
  • Packing and seal changes
  • Automation and control services

Performance analysis plays an integral part in evaluating the efficiency and future decisions of any system. Contrary to popular belief, nearly all pumps experience regular cavitation and wear. Your system's components rely on each other for steady operation. When a single component falters, symptoms can appear elsewhere up or down the process line. Improper diagnosis can result in unnecessary downtime and the loss of assets. By calling on any one of our engineers or representatives to investigate an issue, the collaboration of resources yields a more informed response and better understanding of future performance.

Knighten can provide hydraulic assessments using anything from handheld alignment and flow metering instrumentation to employing OEM testing facilities and personnel 24/7 field service and our state-of-the-­art machine shop capabilities drive our day-to-day operations.

The emergence of new technologies including Additive Manufacturing (AM) and 3D model rendering software has become a powerful tool for our service capabilities. In conjunction with our counterparts at ITT ProService, we are able to digitally re­-engineer and manufacture obsolete and troublesome components that would otherwise stall operation or be lost entirely.
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