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Knighten's factory and field service departments are the spearhead of our day-to-day operations. Service managers and technicians serve as our bridge to your operation and play a pivotal role in successful resolutions. Recognizing this fundamental model has been the driving force behind our growth and ability to provide dynamic solutions. 

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Knighten’s approach to the service avenue begins by providing solutions at the earliest stages of design. Application engineers, sales teams and product specialists begin by seeking out your knowledge and expertise of your system which is then used throughout the selection process. Bringing you along the path to resolution leads to a better understanding of product selections and service recommendations.


We have a dedicated group of specialists whose aim is to provide technical solutions beginning at the early design stages through the life of mechanical assets. Understanding the connection between a system's hydraulics, mechanical design and operation/maintenance procedures is fundamental to maximizing production capacity while minimizing overhead and costs. We begin by identifying specific characteristics, requirements and concerns for each application which plays an important role in configuring a product selection. Oversized equipment and throttled valves can account for up to 60% of an operation's energy consumption. Considering these aspects early on allows us to reduce overhead costs like high energy usage and dead inventories. Asset data through equipment surveys is key to expediting service by allowing us to quickly identify necessary parts or conditions, we call this the purchasing agent's rational alternative. 


As a Factory Authorized Warranty Service Provider for a multitude of manufacturers, we offer certified inspection, repair and documentation through our factory and field specialists. We serve as the direct line to those manufacturers and, when commissioning equipment and design, we are supported by the knowledge and resources of their product engineers and representatives as well. This allows us to close any gap between end-user, distributor and manufacturer.



We provide onsite support at the time of installation and startup, ensuring the proper training and quality installation occurs for extended equipment life. We offer inventory support and data acquisition that play an import role in future response times.

  • Inspect foundation and base-plate level to confirm they are within tolerance
  • Inspect and confirm proper motor alignment
  • Measure pipe strain and confirm it is within tolerance
  • Confirm proper lubrication, including any API flush plans
  • Confirm proper motor rotation
  • Confirm seals have been properly installed and set
  • Check for proper impeller clearance
  • Provided everything is correct, Knighten will couple the pump and perform startup
  • Pump performance will be checked against the curve to verify correct operation
Knighten service technicians will be onsite to address any questions or to locate any possible deficiencies within the system including: 
  • Base-plate has been properly installed
  • All equipment is in place
  • Motor wiring is complete and ready for rotational check
  • Preliminary alignment has been performed
  • Initial pipe strain check has been performed
  • Lubrication has been checked

Panel fabrication & design
PLC programming & system integration


Establishing maintenance schedules and operator training programs are available through Knighten and our affiliates. Regular maintenance and data gathering can be used to trend operation which is used to identify problematic equipment. Corrective action can then be determined and repairs planned in advance of failure. 


Implement system modifications to meet current standards & production requirements. 


We pride ourselves in providing genuine, manufactured OEM parts for all of our product lines offered.

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PRO Services can typically return savings of up to 25 percent annually. Depending upon your situation, significant savings are accrued by realizing some or all of the following: 

  • Longer equipment life 
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved technical support
  • Increased equipment efficiency

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