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ITT Industrial Process (IP) is a dynamic business expanding on a global scale. Headquartered in Seneca Falls, New York, IP offers a portfolio of world-­leading brands in industrial pumps, valves and monitoring and control equipment, offshore water treatment systems, and plant optimization and efficiency systems, as well as aftermarket services and parts.
ITT PRO Services
Building on over 160 years of Goulds Pumps experience, ITT PRO Services® provides replacement parts, repair and upgrade services, reliability and maintenance programs, and asset management assistance to customers with the goals of extending equipment life, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and increasing plant output. PRO Services includes ProSmart® wireless predictive monitoring and PumpSmart® variable speed drive systems.
Addressing Needs
ITT PRO Services® can be deployed as stand­alone or integrated solutions. It all depends on the needs of your company.

Depending on the issues and level of service needed, ITT PRO Services® will tailor solutions that will: 
  • Level 1: Maintain like New ­ keep your equipment in like new condition
  • Level 2: Analysis for Improvement ­ provide data and information that empower customers to improve equipment reliability and reduce cost 
  • Level 3: Implementation Solutions ­ deliver plant & equipment optimization
ITT PRO Services® provides parts for Goulds Pumps, Bornemann and A­C Pump products in a timely manner to meet end user requirements. Significant levels of inventory and quick response capability provides the necessary programs to meet all repair needs. 

The parts and inventory teams use building block approaches to assess, recommend, improve, and document inventory process improvements for customers demonstrating real dollar savings. They will map and streamline the entire repair part replenishment process and provide inventory analysis and optimization.

Geniune OEM Parts
  • All Goulds Pumps, Bornemann and A­C Pump parts are manufactured to the strictest tolerances on computer numerically controlled equipment in an ISO certified facility. 
  • Genuine brand name parts are of the latest hydraulic design and have been designed specifically for your ITT pump whether it's Goulds Pumps Bornemann, or A­C Pump.
We are also the OEM parts supplier for:
  • CB (multistage BB5), upgraded Goulds model 7200CB
  • UXN (multistage BB3), upgraded to Goulds model 3600
  • HVC (single stage BB2), upgraded to Goulds model 3620
  • ROV (two stage BB2), upgraded to Goulds model 3640
  • Morris models: CKX, RX, JC, HS, VJC, VHS, JCU, HSU, HSUC
  • Goyne models: 5000, 5050, 5100 and 5150

On­-site analysis
When repairs are required ITT PRO Services® will develop a process to manage logistics for moving equipment to repair location and back into inventory.
Inventory Management Services
  • Inventory Management overview
  • Realizing Customer Inventory Reduction
  • Innovative methods to improve inventory support
Distribution Management Services

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