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Integrated Solutions

Knighten's factory and field service departments are the spearhead of our day-to-day operations. Service managers and technicians serve as our bridge to your operation and play a pivotal role in successful resolutions. Recognizing this fundamental model has been the driving force behind our growth and ability to provide dynamic solutions.

Factory & Field Services
Control System Service

PLC Programming
Systems Integration
Panel Fabrication & Design

Knighten is partnered with ITT PRO SERVICES

PRO Services can typically return savings of up to 25 percent annually. Depending upon your situation, significant savings are accrued by realizing some or all of the following:

Longer equipment life
Lower maintenance costs
Lower energy costs
Improved technical support
Increased equipment efficiency

Mr. Bill's original service truck - recently restored by Knighten employees

Installation & Start-Up Assistance

Proper startup procedures provide little room for error. A well trained service technician can often hear the issue before monitoring systems even register an anomaly. The experience Knighten's technicians bring to your operation in startup scenarios cannot be taught through school or literature. When equipment is turned over to an operator we take the time to provide training maintenance as well as identifying symptoms that lead to equipment failure.

Preventive Maintenance & Repair

Some of our services Include:

System diagnostics and troubleshooting
Scheduled maintenance programs
Startup training and standby support
Packing and seal changes
Automation and control services

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