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Channel Partners
Ignite Industrial Combustion Equipment, Dallas TX
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Quad-O Compliant Flare Stacks

Ignite offers a full line of tank battery Single/Dual Pressure Flare Stack Systems. Each flare system is custom engineered to allow our client to achieve 98% of greater VOC destruction efficiency for either low pressure tank vapor gas or high pressure emergency vent gas while complying with all state and federal air quality regulations. All Ignite flare systems are available in 12vdc and 120vac and come standard with a stainless steel flare tip and all of our flares are designed for smokeless operation. Ignite flares are designed to control liquids found in the waste gas stream with a cyclonic knockout located at the base complete with liquid sight glass, and optional level switch and liquid evacuation pump (pneumatic diaphragm or electric). Ignite's unique retractable pilot assembly allows the operator to lower the igniter assembly to ground level for maintenance purposes without the cost and safety concerns associated with operating a man lift.

Single/Dual pressure flare systems are available with a variety of standard equipment options including continuous pilot, continuous or intermittent ignition, flame detection via flame rod or thermal couple, data logging with SCADA reporting via RS485 Modbus, flame arrestors and custom guy wire systems. Flow activated ignition, flow detection, mass flow measurement can all be added as options.

Vapor Recovery Towers

Ignite vapor recovery towers reduce emissions by collecting hydrocarbon vapor from the liquids stream. These low pressure vessels allow for final flashing of vapors after separation and prior to storage. This helps reduce flash emissions in your tanks while reducing the opportunity for the introduction of oxygen into your system. Captured gas and vapors can be used as on-site burner fuel, moved to the sales line through VRU, or incinerated in Ignite Combustors or LP Flare Stacks.

Vapor Combustors

Ignite Combustor systems are designed for the destruction of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other vapors produced from oil storage vessels. The low-pressure, high-efficiency Ignite burner assembly destructs tank vapors at >99.9% rate while allowing continuous flow and depressurization of storage vessels.

Our combustors utilize Ignite High Efficiency burner assemblies, which include a high-aspiration mixer, venturi barrel and multi-port burner. All of our units are designed to exceed OOOO EPA regulations.

We can size booster blowers for application where stagnation of the flow is a concern.

Ignite Combustors can be skid-mounted with our flare stacks to maintain a small footprint. Custom sizing available.

Vapor Recovery

Ignite is pleased to offer Vapor Recovery units through our channel partner Knighten Industries. In business since 1969, Knighten is recognized as an industry leader in compression and fluid movement. Utilizing Corken compressors, Knighten continues to lead the way for vapor compression.

Corken's vapor recovery units (VRUs) are used in the oil and gas market to recover light hydrocarbons dissolved in the crude oil. These light hydrocarbons contain a mix of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as methane, propane, butane, and pentane. With the EPA's strict enforcement of 40 CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) 60 Subpart 0000 (a.k.a. Quad "0") in recent years, flaring off unwanted gases is becoming less of an option. In these cases the VOC's are recovered from the wellhead and moved to permanent storage or pumped into the gas lines. Our D-Style compressors have a single distance piece for moderate VOC containment while our T-Styles have a double distance piece that offers maximum VOC containment.

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